Unemployed Or Employable?

The words we say and the thoughts we think cause us to send a vibe that is equal to that thought or feeling. In short, when you are in a negative mood you’re sending a negative vibe. When you are in a positive mood, you’re sending a positive vibe. The only job requirement of Law of Attraction is to match those vibes that you are sending.Imagine two people having a conversation at a coffee shop. Above their heads there is a meter; a vibrational meter that is measuring the scale of the vibrations that each person at the table is sending. If we saw the meter pointing to 95 (range is 1-100) then we would instantly know the nature of their conversation. They are happy and excited. They are feeling love and joy or bliss. You don’t have to eavesdrop on their conversation to know that it’s making them feel good. Their vibrational meters are giving it away.Then, you see a spike, a quick drop from 95 to 25, indicating that their conversation has changed. The topic of their conversation is now unemployment! Even the word “unemployment” suggests lack. For many, it stirs up all kinds of negative feelings, like being ticked off, angry, disappointed, or anxious. Now remember, the Law of Attraction is eavesdropping on this conversation and picking up on their vibrations. Then it does its job! It delivers more of the same.In order to get different results (going from unemployed to employed) the first thing that needs to change is your vibration.”Changes to YOUR vibration will change YOUR results.”Replace the word “unemployed” in your conversations and in references to your employment. Your new frame of reference is that you are “employable.”I like to slice-and-dice the word employable into: able to be employed. Can you feel the difference? When I teach this, most people tell me that it makes a huge difference. They feel hopeful and optimistic.

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