10 Benefits Of Converting Your Articles Into Videos

Converting your articles into videos is one of the modern methods of enhancing your article marketing campaigns. Have you ever thought of it? In one of my previous articles, I mentioned several outcomes that your targeted customers pay for when they buy your products or services. Have you ever asked yourself why people read your articles or don’t read your articles? How do they read them? Do they end up performing the desired actions?

In article marketing, converting your articles into videos can help you to take your online business to another level. You need to know that focusing on various methods of getting new customers and retaining old ones is a key factor in any success-driven online business. To satisfy the varying needs of your targeted customers, let me share with you, through this article, the ten benefits that you will enjoy when you begin converting your articles into videos.

1. You transform lazy readers into active listeners and followers.

By converting your articles into videos, you target lazy readers. Many people don’t want to read. Some want but they cannot read your articles to the end and if they don’t read the entire article, it’s difficult for them to take your desired action. There are also those who have an ache reading on a computer. Of course it’s not easy to read on computer.

The medicine for that is to complement your articles with video marketing. When you turn your articles into videos, you make it possible and convenient for such people to listen as they follow the words in the videos in just 3 minutes. Save your audience’s time and eyes by converting your articles into videos.

2. You increase the delay time and the frequency of visits of your website visitors.

Have you ever taken note of the time your visitors spend on your website? If they all just spend less than 30 seconds, it simply means that you need to do something. The time each visitor spends on your website should be of concern to you. If they spend very little time and rush to click away, the chances of performing your anticipated and desired action are minimal.

One way of delaying your website visitors on your website is through the content you provide. But your content will be more effective when you supplement your traditional article display method with videos to target the varying needs or problems of your customers. You are also likely to persuade them to return if your article videos are full of useful information.

3. You double your traffic and backlinks to your website.

When you convert your articles into videos and submit them to heavy traffic video sharing websites like YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Yahoo Video and many others, you create more backlinks and generate more and more traffic to your website. Remember that traffic is the backbone of online business. Reach more targeted audience through your article videos.

4. You become closer to your customers.

Your targeted customers develop a feeling that you are talking to them personally and that’s a key factor in building trusting relationships with your customers. Turn your articles into videos to become personable and memorable, to build a stronger rapport with your audience and to target the exact motivations that drive your potential customers’ decisions to buy from you.

5. Ability to use your articles in trainings.

Convert your articles into videos and use them in organized trainings. I know most online marketers focus on working on their computers alone to make money. But have you ever thought of using the same knowledge you share online in training others offline? This is what I do and the very videos I share online are the same videos that help me to fill gaps in my trainings.

Other people can equally use your videos in both online and offline trainings. This helps you to gain more popularity and to obtain more people visiting your website. Do you see it important?

6. You increase search engine visibility.

When you create videos from your articles and optimize your video titles and video descriptions, like you do in article marketing, you stand a higher chance of ranking higher in search engines like You Tube. Take advantage of that to benefit from free traffic. Videos can move faster in search engine rankings than articles if properly maximized.

7. Ability to recycle your content is a blessing.

Converting your articles into videos enables you to enjoy the benefit of having two productions on one topic to target customers with varying needs or problems. You will have the written article and the video, killing two birds with one stone. One thing you need to be assured of is that there is no duplicate content in video marketing. The video created from your article is considered separately by search engines. By recycling your articles, you are able to keep your website updated so often.

8. Benefit of presenting yourself as an expert.

It’s not easy for people to do business with those whose knowledge and skill in their field of specialization is very lacking. Writing articles and converting them into videos helps you to present yourself as a known expert.

9. You will be regarded as a modern marketer.

Creating videos from your articles will inevitably make you to be seen as a modern marketer in the eyes of your customers, who keeps up with new technology. Online video is one of the modern ways of communicating and sharing information online. It’s becoming a very popular aspect of social media. Secondly, it helps you to build trust in your customers beyond just writing, which everyone can do. Be modern by converting your articles into videos.

10. Last but not least, you will be able to show your creativity.

Success in online business requires a lot of creativity. With videos, there is a lot of room for coming up with your own ways of presenting your content. You are only limited by your imagination. Enabling the user to be creative is one of the benefits of converting your articles into videos. Will you do that?

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